Light and Rain Sensors

Light and Rain Sensors


Light and rain sensors automatically activate your lights and window wipers helping ensure your focus is fully on the road.

The light sensor will automatically activate your sidelights, then dipped headlights depending on the amount of light. Additionally it will deactivate your lights if there is adequate light and visibility.

The rain sensor will automatically activate your window wipers depending on the amount of rain hitting the windscreen. Additionally the sensor can adjust the frequency of the wipers depending on the downpour.

The rain sensor can also be configured to suit you. With an adjustable sensitivity you can set the rain sensor to wipe away only a few drops of rain or a heavier amount of rain drops.

The light and rain sensor uses a clever LED system to detect light and rain and is fitted underneath your interior mirror meaning a discreet fit.

  • Automatically activate/deactivate side lights/dipped beams
  • Automatically activate window wipers
  • Adjust wiper frequency
  • Adjust sensitivity to suit you
  • Allows for full concentration on the road
  • Discreet fitment
  • No need to manually switch on/off your lights or wipers
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